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Looking for a luxurious and effective way to exfoliate your skin? Look no further than the Morfosoaps Coffee Face and Body Scrub! Made with freshly ground coffee beans and organic geranium essential oil, this scrub will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

Handmade Coffee Face and Body Scrub

✔ Handmade Coffee face and body scrub is scented with Geranium Essential oil which is very beneficial for your skin.

✔Ingredients in the Handmade Coffee face and body scrub: Coffee grounds, Himalayan Salt, Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil and Geranium Essential oil.

✔Handmade Coffee face and body scrub is a truly handcrafted bath product. Each batch is handmade in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
✔Handmade Coffee face and body scrub is proudly made in small batches.
✔Direction for use: Apply on wet skin and rub as desired. Can be used on the face or body. Slightly massage the skin and then rinse with soap after (you can use our handmade natural soaps for more skincare).
✔Listing is for one Handmade Coffee face and body scrub- weighing approximately 75 grams.
✔All products are 100% handmade by me. Due to the handmade nature, there will be slight variations.
✔Orders are packed with eco-friendly recyclable/biodegradable materials.

About Morfosoaps

✔Morfosoaps’ bar of soap contains Kaolin Clay and organic Colloidal oatmeal, we also add a small percentage of coconut milk into our soap to boost the creaminess of the soap.
✔Morfosoaps’ bath products are free from Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate GMO, and preservatives.
✔Morfosoaps’ bath products are completely vegan.
✔If you want to watch soap and body products made, check out our YouTube channel.
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✔Your skin deserves the best, help taking care of it💖