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Soap Saver Pads. Made of PVC plastic, BPA Free, non-toxic and odor resistance for safe use, anti-mildew and colorfast. Extend your soap lifespan: porous design, allowing the soap to dry quickly. Durable construction provides long lasting quality, You can use it on a small plate or directly into your sink or bath. Eco friendly soap holder.

Size: 4.5 x 3 x 0.4 inch

About Morfosoaps

✔Morfosoaps’ bar of soap contains Kaolin Clay and organic Colloidal oatmeal, we also add a small percentage of coconut milk into our soap to boost the creaminess of the soap.
✔Morfosoaps’ bars of soap are free from Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate GMO, preservatives.
✔Morfosoaps’ bars of soap are completely vegan.
✔If you'd like to watch soap being made, check out our YouTube channel.
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✔Morfosoaps’ soap bars are Artisan soaps made from scratch, made with love from high-quality oils and butters in small batches, cured for at least 6 weeks to produce a good, hard, long-lasting bar of soap. To make them last even longer, please use a draining soap dish, so the bar can dry out between uses, it really does make a difference.
✔Your skin deserves the best, help taking care of it💖