About MorfoSoaps

Our Story

Welcome to Morfosoaps, where artisanal craftsmanship's magic meets nature's soothing care. We are a small, family-owned business with a rich tapestry of passion, tradition, and science that is beautifully interwoven into every soap bar we create.

Our story begins with our co-founder Kamile, who has a deep-rooted connection with the art of soap-making that started long before he ventured into the fields of pharmacy and chemistry. As an eczema sufferer, Kamile discovered the soothing properties of soap, sparking a passion that led him on a journey to combine his love for chemistry and his personal experience with the power of natural remedies.

Kamile's fascination with soap began in his childhood in the Middle East, watching his grandmother craft homemade Aleppo soap. The aroma of the natural ingredients, the diligence in her hands, and the therapeutic outcome of the soap formed Kamile's earliest memories. It was this essence of nature, love, and health that Kamile wanted to bring to a broader community.

Through his studies in pharmacy and chemistry, Kamile gained an in-depth understanding of soap's delicate science, from the intricate balance of ingredients to the precise process needed to preserve the natural benefits. He learned not just the formula to create soap but the recipe to create a haven of moisturizing and care.

In 2016, Katy and Kamile started a new chapter as immigrants in Canada. Caring for young children, Katy watched them struggle with eczema. As an internationally-trained doctor, she felt compelled to help. This led her to explore skincare solutions. Wanting to ease her children's discomfort, she and Kamile created Morfosoaps. Now, Katy's love and expertise shine through in every product the brand offers.

At Morfosoaps, we are committed to creating the finest quality artisan soap, rich in natural ingredients and bursting with care and love. We draw inspiration from traditional methods, combine it with scientific insights, and imbue it with a personal touch. Our product range extends beyond soaps, encompassing 100% soy wax candles, nourishing creams, natural deodorants, lip balms and more.

Welcome to our family. Experience the soothing embrace of Morfosoaps, where each product transports you to the nurturing touch of Katy and Kamile, ushering you into a realm of natural, artisan-crafted care.