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Step into a world of surprises with our Mystery Soap Trio! Experience an enchanting journey through the archives of Morf0soaps' finest creations, lovingly handcrafted and masterfully blended, ready to transport you to a realm of luxurious lathers and exotic fragrances.

These artisanal, small-batch soaps are perfect for those seeking a surprise element in their skincare routine. Unveil the mystery with three randomly selected soaps from our historic collection, each a testament to the exquisite craft of Morfosoaps.

Why choose the Mystery Soap Trio?
  1. All-Natural Goodness: Our soaps are pure, unadulterated, and free of palm, lard, and parabens. The vegan formulation is gentle on your skin and kind to the Earth.
  2. Rich & Luxurious Ingredients: Each soap bar is packed with high-quality, nourishing butters and oils like shea butter and cocoa butter, providing an ultra-moisturizing, skin-loving experience.
  3. Adventure in Every Wash: Discover the thrill of the unexpected! Who knows what delightful combinations await in this mystery set?
  4. Legacy Collection: An exclusive opportunity to relish our past collection, a showcase of Morofsoaps' time-honored expertise in artisan soap-making.
  5. Ideal Gift Option: A playful yet thoughtful gift for someone special (or yourself), this mystery set offers a fun, indulgent twist to the usual soap selection.

Each soap is crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that Morfosoaps is known for. So while the specific soap type is a surprise, the promise of a luxurious, skin-nourishing experience is a sure thing!

Embrace the unexpected with Morofsoaps' Mystery Soap Trio - a magical mystery tour of sensory delights. The past meets the present, and the result is purely Morfosoaps.

Our Story

This is us. Katy & Kamile. This is our seven words story: Mr Right & Mrs is Always Right!

Sounds familiar, eh? 😁

One, more of a home being and another always in for adventures, one craving for long walks on the beach and another just wants to read a book by the shore.

The only 3 similarities are:
❤️ We adore our three wonderful children.
❤️ We love nature & everything natural.
❤️ We love handcrafting natural soaps.

Our passion for hand-crafting natural soaps, gentle skincare products & scented candles inspire us to create more & more of these beauties. Every day.

10 years ago we started making these natural soaps only for our family. Back then we never knew our soaps will be loved so much that we will grow this to be a family business. Our family, our friends & friends of friends gave us positive feedback and encouragement to take our passion to the next level.

Our patrons & customers love the fact that at MorfoSoaps we handcraft small batches of soaps using mostly natural ingredients while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. It takes 3-4 hours to create a small batch of 11 bars of soap. We have made more than 8000 (and counting) soap bars with articulated designs & nature-inspired scents & skin-loving essential oils & of course love.

What you put on your skin goes inside your body so why not feed it gentle & natural. We believe natural products should be accessible to all and this is the reason Morfosoaps products are reasonably priced.

Your trust in MorfoSoaps products is our biggest strength and our trust in our products is our pride.

Our best friend VC loves Turmeric Soap which is one of our bestsellers, JD likes Kaleidoscope our elder kiddo likes orange bath bomb the best and the youngest one is crazy for ice cream soap! Which one would you pick?